The Commendation for Gallantry

The Commendation for Gallantry was established on 15 January 1991 to accord recognition to members of the Defence Force and certain other persons who perform acts of gallantry in action.

The Commendation for Gallantry shall be awarded for other acts of gallantry which are considered worthy of recognition. It may be awarded posthumously.

In the order of precedence it ranks after the Medal of Gallantry. No awards have yet been gazetted.

The insignia of the Commendation for Gallantry is a Federation Star measuring 7 millimetres at each axis superimposed centrally on a silver-gilt row of flames 22 millimetres long tapering to a height of 3 millimetres at each end.

The Commendation for Gallantry is attached to an orange ribbon 32 millimetres wide and 90 millimetres long. The centre of the Federation Star is 19 millimetres from the bottom of the ribbon and 16 millimetres from either edge.

Last Updated 21 February, 2009