The Commendation for Brave Conduct

Commendation for Brave Conduct for other acts of bravery which are considered worthy of recognition;

The Commendation for Brave Conduct is a silver-gilt sprig of mimosa 30 millimetres long mounted on a blood-red backing ribbon 32 millimetres wide and 90 millimetres long. The centre of the sprig is 19 millimetres from the bottom of the ribbon and 16 millimetres from either edge, mounted at a 45 degree angle with the stem of the sprig pointing to the bottom left of the ribbon as viewed by an observer. The Commendation for Brave Conduct may be awarded posthumously and ranks after the Bravery Medal. Commendations for Brave Conduct are usually gazetted twice yearly. Most have been awarded to civilians and but a number have been awarded to service personnel for incidents that occurred both on and off duty.

Some Brave Conduct Citations 

Last Updated 22 February, 2009