The George Cross (GC)

Instituted by King George VI in September 1940 to make an award available that would fill in a gap between The VC and the next award available to citizens for acts of courage not performed in war like circumstance before an enemy.

The last award made to an Australian was made to Constable Michael Pratt of the Victoria Police

At the time of its inception, living recipients of the Empire Gallantry Medal exchanged their medals for the George Cross and the Empire Gallantry Medal then became obsolete.

In 1971 surviving holders of the Albert Medal and Edward Medals were also enabled to exchange their medals for the George Cross.

The RAN won four awards during the 1939-1945 War for bomb and mine disposal and a fifth, posthumously, for the Voyager sinking in 1964. All four Army awards were posthumous, 3 for the 1939-1945 war and 1 for Korea.

Last Updated 22 February, 2009