Royal Humane Medals







The four classes of medals and the Clarke Medal have the same design. The female figure on the obverse represents Australasia in the act of placing a wreath on the head of one whose courage and humanity have been judged worthy of such honour and includes the Southern Cross. The motto "Virtute Paratum" translates as "Bravery Rewarded". The wreath on the reverse is of laurel and eucalyptus leaves.

The Clarke Medal Instituted in 1881, the Clarke Medal is awarded to the most outstanding case of bravery considered during the year. It consists of a special bar to the medal of standard design with its own ribbon and is either gold or silver, according to which class of award has already been decided by the Court for the rescuer. Only one Clarke Medal is awarded annually, it is not awarded posthumously and need not be awarded if there is no case of sufficient merit or several cases are considered to be of equal merit.

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